MAST Stockbrokers is a registered securities dealing firm whose core business activity is provision of following:

Buying and Selling of Shares – Our skilled securities dealers execute trades on behalf both institution and individual players in exchange for brokerage fees which are standard. Buying and selling orders can be taken-over the phone, which normal has call recording capabilities but must be confirmed by email, whatsup, skype or any printable media.

The trading of shares is fully automated, and all listed shares are traded in electronic form. Trading can be done from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Every investor is required to open a Central System Depository (CSD) account through a custodian and is allocated a unique twelve digit account number. All trades are executed through this account. The CSD is only accessed through a VPN system.

The pre-opening session is from 0900 – 0959 hours and the market opens from 1000 -1230 hours every day.

Settlements – All payments and receipts are done through custodians and brokers receive no clients’ money.

Brokerage Fee Structure (1 July2015)


Charge Buying Selling
Brokerage 0.920 0.920
Stamp Duty 0.250 0
Securities Commission Levy 0.160 0.160
ZSE Levy 0.100 0.100
VAT @ 15% on Brokerage 0.138 0.138
Central Securities Depo levy 0.100 0.100
Capital Gains Withholding Tax 0 1.000
Investor protection levy 0.025 0.025
Total Costs 1.693 2.443
Both Sides 4.136  

Sponsoring broker- This broker service involve advisory on matters of compliance with the listing requirements

Research- We send a weekly market update to our clients for free. We also offer company specific research both fundamental and technical to the investing public and our clients to enable them to make informed investment decisions.

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