Mr Arnold Cuthbert Chibvongodze (Stockbroker) - Managing Director

Arnold is an Associate of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA), Global Chartered Management Accountant (CGMA) and also holds an MBA from the University of Zimbabwe. Arnold joined Bard in 1988. He rose through the ranks to become the Group Accountant in 1994. Arnold acquired vast experience in the financial accounting for discount houses, asset management, stock broking and unit trusts. Arnold left the Bard Group to form and co-founder of Prudential Discount House Limited, which changed its name to Global Investment House Limited and then Century Discount House Limited.

He was the Chief Accounting Officer of Century Discount House Limited and Head of Finance for Century Investment Banking (CIB), sub-group comprising Century Discount House, Century Asset Management, Century Advisory Services and Century Stockbrokers. He was the company secretary of the sub-group. He is an ex-board member of CIMA Southern Africa Region. He is a past- President of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Zimbabwe Branch and ex-Treasurer of CIMA and is an active member of the Zimbabwe Branch. He is also an ex-vice-President of the Zimbabwe Association of Accounting Technicians (SAAS). He is also an ex-member of the Public Accountants and Auditors Board (PAAB) and Zimbabwe Accounting Practices. Board (ZAPB). He is also an ex-Treasurer of Avondale Anglican Church. He Left Century Holdings Group, to form Quinvex Securities (Private) Limited, and is a managing director. He is the Secretary of the Association of Stock Brokers Zimbabwe.

Mr Peter Leonard Marriott – (Stockbroker) Director

In 1982 Mr Marriott joined Old Mutual in the property and investments administration department. Mr Marriott assisted in the computerization of the mortgages section of the Society before taking up posts on the Equity, Gilt and later Money Market dealing desks. Mr Marriott was promoted to section manager Investments Administration where he was then responsible for the computerization of the dealing functions, whilst actively trading the markets and then later promoted to Specialist Dealer, with Department Manager status in charge of several dealers and responsible for the implementation of Old Mutual investment strategy. During this period Mr Marriott attended several in house technical training and management courses.

Mr Marriott left Old Mutual to join Bard Discount House in 1987 where he was responsible for Money Market Dealing and then later Gilt and Semi-Gilt trading, development, research, and strategy. He was promoted to the Bard Management team in 1989 where he took on additional responsibility for the evaluation and development of a derivatives market in Zimbabwe and was the first trader to structure and conclude an FRA (Forward Rate Agreement) deal in the local Zimbabwe Money Market.

The rapidly changing economic environment in Zimbabwe prompted Mr Marriott to leave Bard Discount House in 1991 to start Quincor Portfolio Management Services (Pvt.) Limited from where he consulted to several large funds and a Stockbroking firm in the area of Gilts and Money Market trading, analysis risk management and strategy. Quincor Portfolio Management Services (Pvt.) Ltd was the first local non-institutionally owned Portfolio Management Company in Zimbabwe. Mr Marriott initiated the idea of Quincor Stockbrokers (Pvt.) Ltd in late 1992 which commenced business in 1993.

Presently, Mr Marriott is a director of Quinvex Securities Ltd., and Syter Investments (Pvt.) Ltd. He is also a Director and shareholder of Apicultural Products (Pvt.) Ltd which is a company geared toward the export of agricultural products.

Mr. Marriott is an ex-director of First Mutual Asset Management Company and a past Committee Member of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.


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